Bess Auer

Author of the Holiday Shakespeare Trilogy

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Beware the Ex-Varto

Holiday Shakespeare Trilogy, Book 1

Meet Holiday Shakespeare, a newly arrived college freshman who is desperately trying to escape her family’s past. She wasn’t looking for love, but when she finds herself the object of pursuit by both the handsome Judd Gavel and the gorgeous William Bardot, she must make a choice. One will become the love of her life, the perfect match fate has chosen for her for all eternity; the other is the poisonous predator.

Holly falls hard for William, who she soon discovers is more than meets the eye. He is an immortal, a being that cannot age, get sick, be hurt, or die. Upon first touch, they experience a very real chemical reaction that binds them together for all time. The problem is that William should only experience this reaction with another immortal, not a mere human.

On a mission to discover how this is possible, William and Holly work to evade the Ex-Varto, whose goal is to capture immortals and perform cruel laboratory experiments to determine how they live forever. As Holly goes deeper into William’s incredible world of wealth, luxury, and eternity, things become more complicated—one morning she awakes to find that she has inexplicably become immortal herself. And, worse, it appears that their being together has somehow robbed William of his.

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Confessions of a Gator Cheerleader

Imagine life at Florida under Steve Spurrier’s first year as head coach. Although the Gator Nation becomes locked in the chaotic grip of brutal serial killer Danny Rolling, the cheerleaders strive to create an atmosphere of team spirit deep in The Swamp.

Go behind the scenes as the cheerleaders prepare for Gator Growl, work out in the sacred South End Zone weight room, and practice in the O’Dome. Follow the squad to Tennessee and see how they find a way to take the ultimate revenge on the football field at Neyland Stadium. And don’t forget the eight-foot snake on the loose in Yon Hall!

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